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We offer several products and services to our various customers.

Current account

  • Current Accounts for individuals and joint accouns
  • Current Accounts for groups, Organizations and Societies
  • Current account for churches
  • Current Accounts for enterprises, Partnership and sole proprietorships
  • Current Accounts for companies
  • Requirements: Two passport photos, means of identification, Two references and utility bill.

Ordinary savings account

  • Initial deposit from N1000
  • Monthly interest applies
  • Requirements are : 3 passport photos, means of id, u-bill

Salary Account:

(Either savings or current account. Enjoy salary advance and passport photos reference from employer).
  • Salary Advance
  • Personal Loans
  • Group Loan scheme
  • Hire Purchase Financing

Group Savings Account

Open accounts in the name of a group initial deposit of N5000. Normal savings interest applies. Receive transaction alerts and statements.

Daily savings Account

  • Open an an account with as little as N100
  • The banks officers who will make daily visits to customers
  • Save as much as you can daily or weekly
  • Passbooks wil be used to keep records of transactions
  • Requirements is two passport photos
  • Target is market women, artisans, trades and hardwork groups

Retirement Savings Account

Savings today for a beautiful retirement. Every active person prepares for old age.

Target Savings Account(Edmas account)

For House rent, Christmas and ITO Ogbo Savings.

Salary Account

Either savings or current account. Enjoy salry advance and passport photos reference from employer.
  • Salary Advance: Providing loans to salary earners.
  • Personal Loans: Providing loans for personal needs.
  • Group Loan scheme: Provide finance to businessmen & women in a group, collective/individual guarantees.
  • Hire Purchase Financing: For small and medium scale Ebtrepreneurs, transporters, okada riders, keke riders, taxi drivers and others (Commercial assets).

Fixed Deposit Account

Six months/one year deposit, three months deposit, two months deposit, etc. interests at higher rates

Credit Products

Property Acquisition Funding Facilities offers an accessible range on consumer range on consumer loans to enable you have the quality of life that you desire today.

Credit Products

  • Initial deposit from N1000
  • Monthly interest applies
  • Requirements are : 3 passport photos, means of id, u-bill

Property Acquisitions account

  • Save for a particular need over a target time
  • Make deposits daily or weekly
  • Withdrawal before target time is discouraged
  • Interest paid for up to six months target is above normal savings rate
  • For property acquisition target, bank grants loan up to 50% of target
  • Requirement is two passports photos
  • Target is self-employed, petty traders, handiwork group, barrow pushers, market women, artisans, civil servants.

LPO and Contract Financing

We equally give loans to various categories of customers like: Traders, Business owners Entrepreneurs, Market women, Farmers, Wheel Barrow Operators, Barbers and Hair Dressers and School Teachers.

Correspondent Banking

With our corresponding banking services our customers can now conveniently deposit into their account with us. This service extends to the reach of banking services beyond the limit of our existing branch network by leveraging an existing infrastructure of other institutions and commercial banks in the country.


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Fixed Deposit

Current accounts

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We Offer Services That Work

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We offer several products and services as a Bank.

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